Frequently Asked Questions regarding the closure of LAN Basics


Q: When is the last day I can order from LAN Basics?
A: Sales of LAN Basics' products officially ended on March 31st. As of April 1st, the LAN Basics website will no longer have product available for purchase. As a favor to our customers, we are re-directing you to our product source, IMC Networks.

Q: What will happen to the LAN Basics name?
A: LAN Basics branded products will no longer be available. A part number cross reference of LAN Basics and the IMC Networks equivalent has been provided for your convenience.

Q: Where will my products ship from?
A: IMC Networks will direct you to various resellers located around the country depending on stock and availability.


Q: Will there be changes to how I purchase products or get technical support?
A: Yes. IMC Networks' products are available through a network of distributors and resellers. For a complete list of authorized distributors, please visit
As a LAN Basics customer, your 12 month warranty will remain in full effect and will be honored by LAN Basics. Should a need for technical support or warranty service arise, please send your inquiries to

Q: Will the products still be produced in the USA?
A: Yes.

Q: As a customer, how does this benefit me?
A: IMC Networks has a greater depth of fiber connectivity products available for purchase through a network of distributors, authorized partners and resellers in over 50 countries.

Welcome to the IMC Networks family. If you have any questions that were not answered within this FAQ, please contact IMC Networks at

LAN Basics / IMC Networks - Part Number Cross Reference
LAN Basics IMC Networks Description
10/100 Mbps Switching Copper (TP-TX), 100 Mbps Fiber (FX) Ethernet
MC-1040 855-10622 MiniMc, TP-TX/3+FX-MM1300-ST
MC-1041 855-10623 MiniMc, TP-TX/3+FX-MM1300-SC
MC-1042 855-10624 MiniMc, TP-TX/3+FX-SM1310/PLUS-ST
MC-1043 855-10625 MiniMc, TP-TX/3+FX-SM1310/PLUS-SC
MC-1050 855-10652 MiniMc, TP-TX/SSFX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv - with AC adapter)
MC-1051 855-10653 MiniMc, TP-TX/SSFX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv - with AC adapter)
10/100/1000 Mbps Switching Copper (TP-TX) to 1000 Mbps Fiber (SX or LX)
MC-1240 856-10730 Giga-MiniMc, TX/SX-MM850-SC
MC-1241 856-10731 Giga-MiniMc, TX/LX-SM1310-SC
MC-1242 856-10732 Giga-MiniMc, TX/LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC
10/100/1000 Mbps Switching Copper (TP-TX) to 1000 Mbps Fiber (Single-Fiber)
MC-1245 856-10730 Giga-MiniMc, TX/SSLX-SM1310-SC
MC-1246 856-10731 Giga-MiniMc, TX/SSLX-SM1550-SC
LAN Basics IMC Networks Description
MC-1060 855-19619 IE-ModeConverter, SFP/SFP
LAN Basics IMC Networks Description
100 Mbps SFP - DDMI Enabled
OT-2000 808-39105 SFP/155-ED, MM1300-LC
OT-2001 808-39101 SFP/155-ED, MM850-LC
OT-2002 808-39102 SFP/155-ED, SM1310-LC
OT-2003 808-39103 SFP/155-ED, SM1310/PLUS-LC
OT-2004 808-39104 SFP/155-ED, SM1550/LONG-LC
SFP-3001 808-38101 IE-SFP/155-ED, MM850-LC
SFP-3002 808-38102 IE-SFP/155-ED, MM1300-LC
SFP-3003 808-38103 IE-SFP/155-ED, SM1310-LC
SFP-3004 808-38104 IE-SFP/155-ED, SM1310/PLUS-LC
SFP-3005 808-38105 IE-SFP/155-ED, SM1550/LONG-LC
100 Mbps SFP (Single-Fiber) - DDMI Enabled
SFP-3011 808-38121 IE-SFP/155-ED, SSFX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-3012 808-38122 IE-SFP/155-ED, SSFX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
SFP-3013 808-38123 IE-SFP/155-ED, SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-3014 808-38124 IE-SFP/155-ED, SSFX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
100 Mbps SFP
OT-2011 808-39106 SFP/155, MM850-LC
OT-2010 808-39110 SFP/155, MM1300-LC
OT-2012 808-39107 SFP/155, SM1310-LC
OT-2013 808-39108 SFP/155, SM1310/PLUS- LC
OT-2014 808-39109 SFP/155, SM1550/LONG-LC
SFP-3101 808-38111 IE-SFP/155, MM850-LC
SFP-3102 808-38112 IE-SFP/155, MM1300-LC
SFP-3103 808-38113 IE-SFP/155, SM1310-LC
SFP-3104 808-38114 IE-SFP/155, SM1310/PLUS- LC
SFP-3105 808-38115 IE-SFP/155, SM1550/LONG-LC
100 Mbps SFP (Single-Fiber)
SFP-3111 808-38131 IE-SFP/155, SSFX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-3112 808-38132 IE-SFP/155, SSFX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
SFP-3113 808-38133 IE-SFP/155, SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-3114 808-38134 IE-SFP/155, SSFX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
1000 Mbps SFP - DDMI Enabled
OT-2205   IE-SFP/1250-ED, SM1550-LC
SFP-5001 808-38201 IE-SFP/1250-ED, MM850-LC
SFP-5003 808-38203 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SM1310/PLUS-LC
1000 Mbps SFP - DDMI Enabled (CISCO Compatible)
SFP-5001CC 808-38201 IE-SFP/1250-ED, MM850-LC
SFP-5002CC 808-38202 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SM1310-LC
1000 Mbps SFP (Single-Fiber) - DDMI Enabled (CISCO Compatible)
SFP-5317CC 808-38727CC IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSBX-SM1310-LC (1310xmt/1490rcv)
SFP-5318CC 808-38728CC IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSBX-SM1490-LC (1490xmt/1310rcv)
1000 Mbps SFP (Single-Fiber) - DDMI Enabled
SFP-5011 808-38221 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSFX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-5012 808-38222 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSFX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
SFP-5013 808-38223 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-5014 808-38224 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSFX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
SFP-5015 808-38225 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSFX-SM1490/LONG-SC (1490xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-5016 808-38226 IE-SFP/1250-ED, SSFX-SM1550/LONG-SC (1550xmt/1490rcv)
1000 Mbps SFP
OT-2215 N/A IE-SFP/1250, SM1550-LC
SFP-5101 808-38211 IE-SFP/1250, MM850-LC
SFP-5102 808-38212 IE-SFP/1250, SM1310-LC
SFP-5103 808-38213 IE-SFP/1250, SM1310/PLUS-LC
SFP-5104 808-38214 IE-SFP/1250, SM1550/LONG-LC
SFP-5105 808-38215 IE-SFP/1250, SM1550/XLONG-LC
1000 Mbps SFP (Single-Fiber)
SFP-5111 808-38231 IE-SFP/1250, SSFX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-5112 808-38232 IE-SFP/1250, SSFX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
SFP-5113 808-38233 IE-SFP/1250, SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-5115 808-38235 IE-SFP/1250, SSFX-SM1310/LONG-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
SFP-5116 808-38236 IE-SFP/1250, SSFX-SM1550/LONG-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
10/100/1000 Mbps Multi-Rate Ethernet SFP - Copper
SFP-7100CC 808-39001CC SFP/10-1250, TX
1000 Mbps Ethernet SFP - Copper
SFP-7200CC 808-39010CC SFP/1250, TX